Monday, July 25, 2016

Smile Caleb, Smile!😄😄

We have a small smile here at the Puttur Dam.

Caleb teaching his lesson on the last Sunday

In the car

At the mall, deciding to buy cookies or not to buy cookies. Sadly, they did not.

All we asked is for Caleb to smile.

He just didn't want to smile.

Here we have a slight up-turn of the mouth after watching Mackenna try Thumbs Up

Over all, Caleb has been a solid presence in our group. He wasn't the most talkative at first, but we broke down those barriers. We have had so much fun with him and we hope he's had half as many laughs as we had, even if they might be internal. He will make a great Pastor one day. He is a strong warrior for the Lord, and it's been fun getting to know him. Many blessings to you Caleb! SMILE MORE!!
*Mackenna & Lindsey*

Over the course of our time here, we girls have given Caleb a bit of a hard time. He is the only guy mission helper in our group, and we have felt that good Christian teasing is beneficial for his soul. He has truly been such a good sport we feel this blog post should be dedicated to him.

Pastor Todd's wife wanted us to get more pictures of him and Caleb. So we have taken it upon ourselves to capture every moment for our dedicated readers (or Moms).