Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sup-ahr 👌

Morning from Chennai! 7:39am, Tuesday

Yesterday morning was Pastor Todd had a meeting with the pastors in Tiruvalur. Once we were introduced, we went to a Hindu temple and were allowed to see their prayer ritual. The temple was intricate and majestic, sporting all the colors of India. After that we did a bit of shopping and each of us girls bought a Kurta, which is the traditional casual tunic outfit for the ladies here in India. All of the saleswomen were supah helpful and patient with us as we found colors we liked and that looked nice for us lighter toned girls.👌

After picking out our tunic, leggings or pantaloons, and shawls, we left the store much more informed about Indian casual wear than when we went in. Then we went to meet our Pastors for lunch. Once filled with spicy Indian delicacies, we drove to the village where we would teach our lessons. We arrived earlier than expected, but still had quite a turn out. So many adults as well as children came out to hear our lessons. It gives my heart joy when I look out at the kids we are teaching, and I see that some of them have the bindi on their foreheads and yet they are here listening to God's Word. Our lessons do seem to be going smoother and we are starting to memorize our teaching styles. One of the best parts, is right after we give our gifts, we can talk for a short time with everyone. A majority of the children speak very good English, and they all want to know our names and how we are doing. We answer, and then ask them, which when they answer they are so excited and usually laugh. It's tricky hearing all the parts of their names because they are so different, but each is so beautiful. However, some of them do have more western names like Jocelyn, or Markus. Everyone wants pictures with us too, but they call them selfies, even when they actually aren't. We have caught on to a cultural fad while here in India. When something is really good they say "Sup-ahr" and make a 👌. We started to do it, and when we do, they think it's funny.

So good morning to everyone!
*Lindsey, Mackenna, Steffie*